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Date: 1st July 2016
Deutz Biogas Generator
ModelYDND-200?YDND-250 Rated Frequency50/60HZ?Power Factor0.8?Rated Voltage400/230V?Rated Power (KW/KVA)200/250250/312.5Standby Power (KVA)220/275275/343.75Rated Current (A)360450Phase/Wire3Phase,Website:http://www.yidanenggenerator.com, 4Wire?Alternator BrandStamfordControl SystemSmartgen, Deepsea, ComApOverall Size (mm)4220?2040?2480?Weight (kg)4120??Established in 1864, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, Deutz is the first internal combustion engine manufacturer in the world. In 1876, the co-founder of Deutz Company Mr N.A. Otto invented the world?s first 4-stroke internal combustion engine which is also the first internal combustion engine fueled by gas. So Deutz gas engine is the starting point of gas engines.?Pressure Regulator:?To regulate the pressure of the gas supplier and make sure stable gas pressure.Pressure Meter:?To show and monitor the gas pressure within the normal range?Anti-explosion Valve:?To release the pressure in case the mixed gas is ignited in the intake manifold. In this way, the generator will be well protected from ignition resulted from mistaken adjustment of advance angle of ignition?Flame arrester:?This part is designed to prevent the fire entering the gas tank from the engine. As natural gas and biogas are highly flammable gas, the back-fire is highly dangerous to the gas source. So it is very important to have this flame arrester.??250KW Deutz Biogas generator with CHP unit?Combined Heat and Power (CHP) to recover the heat in the exhaust gasWorking Principle of System: there are a lot of small tubes in the CHP unit. The water in the tubes is heated when the exhaust gas going between the needle-tubes in the recovery device. In such way, the temperature of the water can ?reach up to 50-90?.Under the normal circumstance, the heat of exhaust gas will take?32% of the total heat. The thermal efficiency will be improved 20-30% with this system.Application:1. Heating, bathing.2. Heat the anaerobic digester to produce more biogas.1. What is the gas production of your biogas project per day or per hour? ? ?The production depends on the scale of your biogas project. Please consult your biogas project engineer for more details. Many people would ask me:" Hi Kevin, I have 1000 cattle here, how much biogas can be produced and how much kw generator I need?" To be honest, it is not easy give a certain figure because the production of the biogas will be influenced by many factors such as the technology of fermentation, the temperature of the anaerobic digester, and the raw materials for the biogas. So it is better to ask for advice from the biogas project engineer.2. Has the biogas been pretreated?As the Hydrogen sulfide?H?S?and moisture in new biogas are harmful to the biogas generator set, they should be cleaned out with the following facilities before it enters the biogas generator.?3. What is the biogas pressure?The gas pressure should be 3-100 KPa to supply enough biogas for the biogas generator. If the pressure is lower than 3KPa a booster fan is necessary to increase the gas pressure.?4. What is the methane (CH4) percentage of the biogas?The methane (CH4) should be at least 55% to keep the biogas generator running normally. The higher of the methane percentage, the better it will be for the generator. If the methane is less than 55%, the power of the biogas generator will not reach the power defined.5. What is the gas consumption of our biogas generator?The gas consumption rate is 0.65 m?/KWH if the methane percentage is no less than 55%.Let's take a 50kw biogas generator as an example, it will use around 33 cubic meters of biogas every hour, namely 792 cubic meters every day.?
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